Hair loss is a real problem for many people. It often causes: stress, pregnancy, weight loss, genetics, menopause, hormonal imbalance. Forget about it with the help of a simple recipe, which is good for hair loss prevention.

Olive oil
Healthy Oil
Healthy figures

Warm in a little olive oil (1 / C) and add 1 / c cinnamon and 1 / C honey. Thoroughly mix the mass, and store in a glass jar.

How to use:
Apply the mass of his skin and hair Spread. 15 minutes rinse shampoo mass. 1 week, you will notice the results.

The human body is amazingly arranged. If the process is going on and a lot of the body at once incredibly specific disorders, the body can use immediately, but most of us did not pay attention to cues, which further leads to the deterioration of health.

Skin dryness

If you have dry skin, you body lacks vitamin E. Enter to fill eat nuts, oily fish and vegetable oil.

Brittle hair

If you notice the hair to break, you have nikleboba B and calcium. This vitamin is a lot of grain, as well as wheat and rye bread made porridges.

Bleeding gums

This simbtomi B vitamin deficiency indicates. Fill out the food rations onions, fruits and vegetables.

Sleep disturbance and irritability

Anxiety and irritability magnesium and potassium deficiency indicates. It contains many trace elements chir in black kliavsa and beet.

Shiver at night

Also indicates a lack of calcium and magnesium in the body.

Goose skin

Goose skin indicates C and Vitamin A. He can fill all narinjiperi bostnelit and fruits: carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, Apricot, kuraga.

Organism requires salty foods

If you have a need for salty food, the body may be formed of any infection or inflammatory process going on, mostly in the genitourinary sestema.

When you have a need for sweet foods

If the body has a need for sweet foods, you may need to have a nervous system and depletion of glucose. At this time, use honey or bitter chocolate, the problems do not occur in the gastrointestinal tract.

Demand for high-quality food to the body

This indicates symptoms of gastritis or liver problems. High-quality food in removing cramps and allay the stomach.

When you think of food salt

This may be caused by depression.

If the organism requires Sunflower

In this case the body is the lack of antioxidants.

If the body acidic foods requests

Organism itself is asking for skin care tips these products in the liver or Healthy gall bladder stimulation. In this case, turn on the diet of lemon and cranberry.

When the body is asking for bitter foods

You may have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In this case it is advisable to clean the light body.

When the body is asking for spicy foods

Spicy food in the stomach stimulates the action, but his moderation and making careful not to get on an empty stomach.

When the heart is migitsevt seafood

This indicates a lack of iodine in the body.

Sotskseleb of this a few days ago, 55-year-old nude photos of Madonna gamoakvveqnes, from where they spread all over the world via the Internet. 
As it turns out, the photos of Rio, one of the magazine for the photo session was taken, however, in the photographs of the star is not posing, but also changes. It is absolutely transparent bra apart, wearing black trunks. Because the file is processed in Photoshop, Madonna's older body is clearly visible: his fans and, just, Internet users have already begun to hand back her grown veins and wrinkles embarrassing emerged count.

The singer has not commented, but the pictures on the Internet appeared furious. As the American tabloids write, Madonna did not even knew if there was a similar photos ...

When a thrombus in coronary arteries and blood flow is stopped, patient experiences severe pain in the heart. In this situation of foreign literature in popular language is called a heart attack, myocardial infarction is the medical term for its matching. "Myo" means muscle, "cardio" - heart, and "infarction" is the lack of oxygen due to infarction.

Just like anyone else, are constantly in need of the heart muscle of oxygen. Its deficiency affects the heart muscle cells, which leads to the sensation of pain and pressure. If the coronary vessels of the heart to nourish the blood circulation is not restored, the heart muscle cells die and the heart muscle scar is formed, which is not muscular, but the connective tissue structure. The heart muscle of oxygen deficiency may be a sharp regular heart rhythm, or arrhythmia due to violation of the turn. It is possible that some of the fatal arrhythmia.

Changes in coronary arteries.

Then a heart attack occurs when one or more of such sin damages his arteries that nourish the heart with oxygen-rich blood. Coronary arteries in the coronary arteries is called. They are really like a crown erupting heart. Coronary arteries can constrain the accumulation of cholesterol in atherosclerotic plaque formation and as a result, so-called due.

Atherosclerosis atherosclerotic plaque rupture due to heart attacks and coronary artery arising in this area leads to the formation of a blood clot. If a clot is large, coronary artery blood flow is stopped. Pro rare cause of heart attacks and coronary artery spazmia which the blood supply to the heart muscle decreases. It should be noted that cocaine may cause life-threatening convulsions iktsdes.

What happens myocardial infarction
Myocardial infarction is the final stage of the process, which is usually a few hours of being. Every minute of the heart muscle more and more a part of experiencing blood shortages, which is why the injured and dying. If the heart's blood supply was restored in time, damage can be kept to a minimum or avoided altogether.

Years ago, myocardial infarction often performed death. Today, improved methods for the treatment of symptoms of a heart attack, and the interpretation of its significance, the majority of patients after a heart attack, life keeps. Lifestyles - in character, intensity of physical exercise, stress factors - is of great importance for the recovery of the patient after a heart attack.

The most common symptoms of a heart attack:
Tightening, pressure or tightness and pain behind the breast bone, which is a few minutes;
Pain that spreads from the chest neck, shoulder, back, in some cases - of the lower jaw and teeth;
Frequent episodes of pain in the heart;
Prolonged pain in the upper abdomen;
Shortness of breath;
Feeling faint;
Nausea and vomiting.

Specialists note that women have different symptoms of a heart attack may be carried out. In addition to the above features, is expected to:
Abdominal pain or heartburn;
Cold sweat;
Unusual and seemingly unexplained weakness.

These symptoms are expressed to different degrees in different cases. Heart attacks are not as dramatic as the films are shown. Some people have no symptoms. Ulee's attack can occur at work or recreation, rest and physical activity. Sometimes suddenly starts, but mostly preceded by symptoms that make it hours, days, even kviraobita ahead. Early symptoms can be a precursor to an attack on the most recurrent chest pain, which occurs physically tense, while the rest is reduced.

When to turn to the medical establishment
Many heart attack, losing precious time, because you can not or do not realize the importance of the symptoms to the doctor, to prevent "wasted" visit. In fact, the most important factors that increase the chance for survival, a medical facility in time to come. It is estimated that about half of heart attack victims die in attack in the first hour. Do not leave without attention to the symptoms of a heart attack, especially if their duration exceeds 5 minutes. Immediately call an ambulance or go to the nearest clinics.

Diagnostic examinations
Regular examinations are necessary, the doctor can determine the risk factors, which may be a reason for a heart attack, but our then apply to the doctor, when a heart attack has already begun. At this time, in addition to the patient's examination, conducted a series of studies, which helps us to determine what is the true cause of the patient's complaints. This research is:
Some of the enzyme activity of the blood;
Echocardioscopy - through to determine whether the damaged area of ​​the heart is and how it is compressed;
Angiography - shows coronary artery narrowing or blockage. The catheter through a leg artery to move their heart and coronary vessels, the injected contrast agent, resulting in the arteries of the X-ray apparatus appears. Additionally, it is possible to treat the blockage of the arteries - a cylinder is blocked coronary expansion (balloon dilatation) or special artery stent to install, maintain and provide some protection from a new situation in which the enlarged artery oppression.
Myocardial infarction of the heart muscle arising from complications related to the momentous changes. It can cause:
Arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, and sometimes - fatal;
Heart failure - might damage the heart muscle is so important that the heart can no longer perform its basic function - can no longer pump blood throughout the body. This occurs due to shortness of breath, weakness, swelling of the lower extremities. Heart failure may mokhsnistanave ukuganvitardes attack, but it is quite possible the emergence of chronic renal failure, which is the result of damage to the heart muscle strong.
A rupture of the heart - heart attack as a result of weakened heart muscles may crack. This situation quickly ends in death.
Valve damage - infarction due to valve damage can lead to life-threatening complications.

The patient, who has a heart attack, no time to lose. Remember: every moment of growth of damaged and dead cells. Get an ambulance arrived nitroglycerine, avoid unnecessary movements. Heart attack medicine:
Aspirin - This drug may offer emergency medical personnel. It reduces blood platelet aggregation and helps us to narrowed coronary blood flow does not stop.
Thrombolytic drugs - they dissolves blood clots in the blood vessels in the. Thrombolytic drugs for use in the early growth of the heart muscle damage and reduce the quality of a patient's chance of survival.
Anticoagulation other means. 
Blood gamatkhierebel other means. May be used for heparin, which increases the fluidity of blood and reduces the likelihood of the new formation of blood clots. Heparin is administered intravenously or subcutaneously with a needle. It is normally used in the first days of myocardial infarction.
Analgesic drugs - when the pain is strong, it aqucheben morphine.
Nitroglycerin - this drug, which is used to treat angina, dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow to the heart temporarily and the heart.
Beta-blockers. This facilitates the work of heart drugs, since reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure. Beta-blockers can reduce damage to the heart muscle and repeated attacks.
Cholesterol lowering drugs. They reduce unwanted blood, e. Sec. Bad cholesterol.

If the goal of Emergency myocardial infarction of the heart muscle to prevent further damage, the treatment aims to restore a heart attack and prevention of recurrence. This is the goal of rehabilitation, which is drug therapy, lifestyle change and emotional sphere of influence. Rasodes is the late start of the measures by which it is possible to avoid a heart attack. Prophylaxis, even when the patient has already had an attack. This is particularly important in terms of medical treatment.

How to Change Lifestyle
Myocardial infarction recovery and to prevent a repeat attack:
Stop smoking.
Ikontrolet blood cholesterol levels.
If you have diabetes, blood glucose levels regularly ikontrolet.
Regularly announced to the doctor for preventive examinations.
Ikontrolet blood pressure.
Exercise regularly.
Maintain a normal body weight.
Follow the principles of healthy eating.
Avoid stress.
You refused alcoholic beverages.

How many people do not drink tsqls, do not take liquids before bedtime, in order not to have to get up at night mosashardavat. New approaches to people requires some minimum amount of water to draw out toxins from the body, but the new thing is that it is very important to drink water in right time. Drinking water intake specified time enhances its effect.
 2 glasses of water upon waking -aaktivebs internal parts
         1 glass of water 30 minutes before dinner helps digestion
        1 cup water bath helps to lower blood pressure in order not to lose the human mind

        1 glass of water before bedtime helps prevent heart attack and stroke

Bedtime drink with heart failure who are not covered patsientesbs! I might add that, to drink water before going to bed also helps to prevent leg muscles usually leads (painful contractions)
Most heart attacks happen in the daytime between 6am and noon, when a heart attack occurs at night, when the heart is the most freshness condition, it means that something unusual is going on in the body. Professor viren Somers and his colleagues, who have worked on this problem for decades proved nights sleep apnoea mainly cause infarction.
1. If you are taking aspirin 1 times a day, it's better to get the night-reason: aspirin has a 24-hour "half-life" and because of heart attack usually occurs in the morning, this time, will have the strongest effect of aspirin.
2. Note: Aspirin is a long time in the box you can even years (when aging, rotting smell of vinegar) Read the validity period and if you have to throw away the past. Firm "Bayer" in Crystal Crystal Brightness aspirin, which dissolves in touch, and faster acting than tablets. Aspirin should have the bed. Pain in the chest, pain in the left shoulder infarction may be an indication of the chin, nausea and sweating.
Note: The pain may not necessarily be a heart attack, most people, about 60% of heart attacks occur during sleep, and if the pain arises, it is so strong that a person awakens from a deep sleep. When this happens, take 2 aspirin tablet (100 mg- per inch, open the mouth and ingested liquid water.

After the emergency call to 112, neighbor, family tsevrtan- Tell - a heart attack! - Tell him that you have taken 2 aspirin. Sit in a chair or sofa and wait near the door of the emergency vehicle. Never face up at night (to avoid the smothering vomiting). If you send it to 10 people in the calculation of cardiologists,
How many people do not drink tsqls, do not take liquids before bedtime, in order not to have to get up at night mosashardavat. New approaches to people requires some minimum amount of water to take the toxins out of the body, but the new thing is that it is very important to drink water in right time.

Drinking water intake specified time enhances its effect.
2 glasses of water upon waking -aaktivebs internal parts
1 glass of water 30 minutes before dinner helps digestion
1 cup water bath helps to lower blood pressure in order not to lose the human mind
1 glass of water before bedtime helps prevent heart attack and stroke.

Also, drink water before going to bed also helps to prevent leg muscles usually leads (painful contractions).
Most heart attacks happen in the daytime between 6am and noon, when a heart attack occurs at night, when the heart is the most freshness condition, it means that something unusual is going on in the body. Professor viren Somers and his colleagues, who have worked on this problem for decades proved nights sleep apnoea mainly cause infarction.

If you are taking aspirin 1 times a day, it's better to get the night-reason: aspirin has a 24-hour "half-life" and as it takes place mainly in the morning hours of the heart attack, aspirin this time will have the strongest effect.

Note: Aspirin is a long time to you in a box, can even years (when aging, rotting smell of vinegar) Read the validity period has elapsed and you will throw it away. Firm "Bayer" in Crystal Crystal Brightness aspirin, which dissolves in touch, and faster acting than tablets. Aspirin should have the bed. Pain in the chest, pain in the left shoulder infarction may be an indication of the chin, nausea and sweating.

The pain may not necessarily be a heart attack, most people, about 60% of heart attacks occur during sleep, and if the pain arises, it is so strong that a person awakens from a deep sleep. When this happens, take 2 aspirin tablet, open the mouth and ingested liquid water.
After the emergency call to 112, neighbor, family tsevrtan- Tell - a heart attack! - Tell him to have received 2 aspirin. Sit in a chair or sofa and wait near the door of the emergency vehicle. Never face up at night. If you need this information to cardiologists estimated 10 people, could save 1 people.

Heart disease deaths in the United States of causing human disease in the first place remain. Even if your family history of the disease stands out, it does not mean that you have a heart attack or heart disease should have died happen. A healthy diet, regular exercise, dabalkolesterinis containing pharmaceuticals and life operations and maintenance will reduce your risk of heart disease died in the worst case, or eventually develop.

How much of the stress of heart disease emergence.

Stress causes inflammation. Several studies have shown that stress, strenuous work and a general demoralization of heart disease risk, however, relations are much less mizezobrivia than other lifestyle factors such as smoking.

Stress, cortisol, "the stress hormone" causes an increase in blood sugar levels and blood pressure rise. The excess production of cortisol, may become sexually excited being in a state of constant attendant, and ultimately lead to a heart attack ends.

We can not exclude the stress in our lives, but it may be effective to fight with him in the exercise of yoga.

To what extent do exercises to protect against heart disease?

The old view, the strong load and exercises for people who have heart disease risk, may be dangerous. New research shows that the more powerful exercise, the more helpful it is for the sake of, but even a short 15-minute, very vigorous exercise may be just as useful as one marathon session.

Atlanta Center for Disease Control and Protection, according to the researchers, one of cardiovascular death in people with diabetes may be protected by 145 each week, only a 2-hour walk.

David Cullen brother, Steve, died in 1995 at age 40 of heart disease. In 2002, his brother had a rest 2 days away, also died of the same disease. David Cullen itself is not expected that the youth died. It is a day for 6 to 9-mile run and in excellent physical shape.

Exercise helps blood vessels to expand and promote blood flow more freely. Harvard researchers found that those who often do strenuous exercises encouraging, 20% reduced risk of heart disease. This category includes exercises or slow jogging, jogging a little jogging, swimming, tennis game or aerobatikis do.

Week 3 or more miles of walking reduces heart disease risk by 10%.

What sensations of a heart attack?

The most common symptom of a heart attack chest pain. People at this time to experience shortness of breath, jaw pain, arm pain, nausea and vomiting.

Washington resident 52-year-old Kevin Ambrose, who had a heart attack three times, had said: passed, knees not down, in terrible pain and blurred vision I had one opportunity for myself so normally I felt that the ambulance has been called to the

515 a person, who survived a heart attack, a study conducted by the University of Arkansas. Only 30% of respondents said that the heart attack had chest pressure. Very few remember that before the attack and after the attack, the pain had.

The most common symptoms include unusual ghonemikhdiloba women, sleep disruption, breathing, stomach disorders and anxiety and fear. The "pain-free" attacks usually women, diabetics and aged over 65 years are prone to.

How to act with heart attack

While that may not even know what exactly happened to us a heart attack or something else, it is still necessary to call the ambulance to the hospital. Experts say that if you want your state of health in evaluating wrong, yet it is better to go to the hospital immediately, rather than stay at home.

You will not believe the story but in the US half of patients with heart disease, when they are prone to attack, did not immediately call an ambulance subscribers.

Women respond more slowly

Women, when there is evidence of a heart attack, are expected to start treatment too late to start, than in men, and let them know they are based on the mortality percentage is higher.

University of Oregon researchers have paid more attention to this trend. They ask the women shetevagadatanil heart and stunning results have been found. Women daavadebagadatanili 1/5-a heart attack, he thought that it was not a heart attack, but there was something else. One woman even said that he had had to go to emergency and emergency department are discouraged, because he felt that the doctors told them that "it is only their (the doctors) waste of time for him as she wanted to go there."

The American a women,  of  the those from poor families and patients aratetri longer present in the ranks of the middle of the heart than others, and often their 6-hour waiting period may be crowded. This study was conducted by researchers at Georgetown University.

The mother of a child turned into a liability, mother son relationship, painful subject for her confession, and the other mothers of life, has become a heavy burden on the fate of immigrants dedebis.dedis when motherhood is so nice being able to change anything, as well as the child's mother, life is tough and ruthless gakhda.momravlda mothers painful conversations, indifferent shvilebiz burdened by the spirit, and it's not the children of mothers who barli disappointed, I rather think mothers do wrong is s gatsruebulebi vrchebit.dedobas money to see a maternity home purchase to see motherhood as a mother forgot the problems aghvikvavt.rogor a person who only mshobleli.chven obligations do we have the commitment of money and nothing else, out of money, money, life, money was everything, and deprived us of the most precious money, money make us forget who we are, distanced money   remote children, what do we know what is happening to the child yourself? Who's that over the years when we have vkhdevad to any step, we have heard goal is understanding the meaning of this life, how he viewed the future, who should be, what to do, how is formed. When melancholy heart mostsonia to share with you, you ask, only the spirit locks ourselves and the way out of the finds, the brutal life of the world stavazobs.sada you are at this time the mother? Of course not missing anything, a house, luxury and comfort, life as it takes the whole trouble is that this house, comfort and essential household items turned urtiertobebi.ratom surprised the children, the mother alienated perceive? avoids obligations? fifteen years, desperately needed a mother, and had to take a friend, a friend who can not be replaced, how needed caring heart and had no idea how they needed advice and adviser hqavdat.deda shviluri love of the flesh and blood are not limited to, the need for love, care, communication, conversation chirvaramis to share what money can not live vshetsvlis.dedis other purpose, the mother is everything, the grief of a mother, mother love, mother, tired eyes, and saw the children tkhutmeti years siqvaruli.dardi, sad tired eyes?

Daro Sivsivadze I am the Iberian
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The bullet, how many times damichres estate,
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Gavqviri own sins aloud.
Nor am worthy of tears, nor who gamatsilot,
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Shot me, only that they may have missed the heart,
Stands back and does not stay away from home ... "
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Nana Meparishvili-

Those who have received a brilliant touch of make-up artist will tell. The fact that they always use loose powder to finish the stage. I asked the reason for Stimson manager    Powder is holding the oil from the skin and increase the durability of cosmetic make-up. If the Pearl likes to avoid it may seem messy as hooking the eye shadow powder, etc.   yellow group pink and white skin, the product of a transparent particle color is almost no advise you to use. It is also useful when you want to make smoky. Eye shadow, loose powder, not caught in the crease eye shadow to the line is correct order again neurosurgeon is good. The easiest way to 'natural' trend of the first half of the dramatically skin and long arms to enjoy.

1 Le Blanc UV protection Loose Powder SPF 50 / PA +++ new product launches in the first half of Whitening line of Chanel. Ruth is characterized by a high sun protection even though the powder. Protect your skin from dark spots and radiance to the skin photoaging and should produce lively. Chanel. With the final phase of the coating Lasting makeup finisher HD Powder Liquid Foundation helps to keep the skin and increases the adhesion of the elaborate makeup for a long time. To 100% mineral powder it is not dried at all. Makeup Forever.

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I wonder just what postpartum check is required after the birth? Healthy Figures Tips

Normal healthy mother is recovering well without any special problems.
But the usual weak physical health is poor or mothers

The slow recovery of anemia and uterine contractions, hemorrhoids, perineal problems

It can lead to various problems.

Osteoporosis appears after childbirth, women's diseases, such as the sanhutong

Learn about postpartum checkups to help prevent. Healthy Figures Tips

① Earthquake 

After birth, it is important to try the earthquake.  Healthy Figures Tips

While inspecting the inside of the vagina that women have uterine contractions (well it restored to pre-pregnancy size)

It must be sure of is that if both ovaries normal, perineal incision is recovering well.

Especially when breastfeeding after the birth of the female hormone estrogen than before pregnancy

At this time, there is suppressed uterine contraction and elasticity lost susceptible to bacteria.

Through the seismic examining the vaginal discharge is good to determine whether the infection.

② arthritis test

This too neulmyeon joints at the same time as the birth weight during pregnancy

Jimyeonseo can cause loosening of arthritis.

Arthritic joints weakened check the status of pregnancy and childbirth

Normally come back to check.

Depending on the symptoms, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis should try a blood test and x-ray inspection.

If there is knee pain during pregnancy it can be sure to try the test.

③ urine Healthy Figures Tips

In the case of natural childbirth to the perineum incision in the birth process,

After the perineal muscles around the weakened jimyeonseo can cause urethritis, cystitis.

Or urinating more than the number of pregnancies

The urine after holding the feeling like in the remaining urine

If the pain is felt when the urine test should try to urinate.

④ pelvic ultrasound  Healthy Figures Tips

To six weeks after childbirth it should be fully recovered the placenta away from the seat

Occasionally, there is a case that a part of the placenta remains.

If the placenta remains at the site of bleeding or feel the uterine wall

This inflammation may come out red, it may cause vaginal discharge.

Pelvic transvaginal ultrasound to check the above times to see the ultrasound and vaginal inserts

The need to ensure that the recovery of the uterus and surrounding tissues are made properly.

⑤ cervical cancer screening Healthy Figures Tips

When it undergoes the biggest change just minutes Buda uterine cervix.

About 10cm blocked cervix had been extended normally come back

This irritation can lead to severe cervical cancer.

Especially cervical cancer incidence is high among female cancer

Care must be taken through a rigorous testing to be detected early.

- Source Health Shipbuilding - Healthy Figures Tips

Which was getting bigger uterus during pregnancy the fetus grows
It's not the size that has been restored after birth in one day.

Indeyo state after childbirth times listed some degree.

The size of the uterus after childbirth, this feature will recover gradually shrinking.

And uterine contractions in childbirth six weeks back previous state

Haejumyeon hard hip bath helps the uterus to contract and emission Oro.

It's also famous as a sports uterine contractions?  Healthy Figures Tips

Exercise also gives birth after kegael uterine contractions to help prevent incontinence in an excellent workout.

Kegel exercises are push-ups while repeating the tightened muscles around the vagina exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles indeyo

After giving birth Kegel exercise prevents sagging of the perineum during late pregnancy

It has the effect of enhancing the quality and perineal muscles.  Healthy Figures Tips

In addition, because I have a vagina stretched erogenous After childbirth can be lowered

This chapter also sexual function after childbirth can be quickly restored if the Kegel exercise.

Today I tried to talk about incontinence -

If the urine comes incontinence  between myself I  incontinence do not know?

It's really embarrassing trouble.

Thus incontinence does not cover the au

The symptoms have difficulties.

 ★ What is urinary incontinence? ★

Typical causes of incontinence while muscle mass is reduced due to aging

But mainly from the symptoms of middle-aged women

Jimyeonseo quality loose obesity, childbirth, frequent sexual intercourse, etc.

I also can not tolerate the symptoms appear in the urine.

These symptoms occur because the symptoms are granted such an age or urinary incontinence,

If you do not care lovable figures'm even more.

Although incontinence is clearly a pathological symptom, but you do not need to be ashamed of here.

More than 100 million people in the world that women who suffer from urinary incontinence is a reality.

★ Let know about urinary incontinence types? ★

① stress urinary incontinence (stress incontinence)

The most representative and common incontinence is 80-90% of the urinary stress incontinence.
That is known as soy incontinence and abdominal pressure rises this situation,
Sneezing, or laughing, or up or down stairs, or jumping rope,
Aerobics, or in a situation that might happen on the ship, because the urinary incontinence
It called stress urinary incontinence.

② urge incontinence

By bladder contractions unusually sensitive to more than urine leakage.
Or more, while stress incontinence is caused by pelvic support muscles,
Urge incontinence is a normal anatomic structure, but it is unstable bladder muscles
(In this case, increasing urine Discussion quietly without urinary bladder muscle contraction
Chaya is there is suddenly occurs when the bladder contraction).

③ mixed incontinence and healthy figures

 healthy figures-Stress incontinence and  healthy figures urge incontinence in a mixed form,
If there is incontinence when coughing or laughing shop habitually frequent baths.
Over time, the bladder is increasingly unstable as to urge incontinence
In many cases from occurring.

④ leading incontinence

Overall, a common urinary incontinence is not less than 5%.
Most or neurologic abnormalities such as diabetes, after pelvic surgery, such as the uterus or rectum
Or for men with abnormal when there is a severe BPH
There is increase bladder very badly, more than normal bladder
Incontinence of urine increases and a flood of forms.

⑤ temporary incontinence

If treatment is to remove the possible cause of incontinence it is often missing in the case of incontinence.
Typical causes of temporary incontinence are older example of a drug overdose
Increased frequency and type of drugs, so you Do research on the drug.
Of particular use in the treatment of hypertension medication are also the same alpha-blockers, anticholinergics, muscle relaxants
Drugs that can cause incontinence.

Healthy Figures Is the most effective way to treat urinary -muscle -incontinence caused

Which will suffer from side effects and costs rather than using surgery or drugs

A vaginal tightening how to improve the leverage effect of exercise

The most effective way that can treat the symptoms without the side effects.

It is known as Kegel exercises are a good way to treat women's diseases

Women treat a variety of diseases caused by exercise therapy for urinary incontinence

The most effective exercise method that is being used.

Kegel exercises over how best to prevent incontinence causes

Fasteners can be improved and customarily When the Kegel exercises as usual

You can free women from a variety of diseases.

Healthy Figures   start Kegel exercises'm  women muscles tips hard to see the effects

Kegel exercises because the effect should be seen repeatedly running steadily for at least six months.

If you worry revealing a woman a fast and safe treatment for disease

Please check your symptoms and the type bosigil find the right treatment for yourself ~

Recent active social participation of women marriageable age are increasing the birth weight more than 30 according to the slowdown.  -Healthy Figures- Although pregnancy experience to be reborn as the mother of one child aged mothers who raise fears ahead than excitement. 10 right on the 'day of the mothers' 10th gathered information for a preliminary net exhaust mum 10 persons expert hinted.  Healthy Figures

1 spa program for women  Healthy Figures
The body relaxing spa and thought the thing dearest mother also true whenever jjippudeudeu. However, strong pressure is applied or the program is to stimulate the acupuncture points to uterine contractions pihaja gave up the crowd as well as the fetus. In many spa programs underway in a variety of women. W Hotels The Hideaway Spa The 'Leg & Foot geuneon upon presentation' is popular. Haejueo circulation intensive care during the time of the lower body not good maternal satisfaction is high. My Plaza Spa Club Plaza Hotel is unveiled scalp care program 'Hair & Scalp Treatments' progress in preventing hair loss due to pregnancy. Aromatic oils affect the hormone can not be safely used at all.  Healthy Figures

2 Happy mother makes a happy baby
The most important guidance is the happiness and joy of the mother. Easy music is best taegyobeop.  Myung - Jin reporter is said to speak "and the mother all the music just good prenatal care to listen happily,   that only the just classic just because music prenatal education". This involved producing and world-class pianist gwakyunchan the naeol and Kim Bum Soo, Park Ji-yoon The album featured her! Note also published a book dwaeteuni hasigil.

3 Be confident about natural childbirth
The more the age of the mother also becomes about poor elasticity and resilience of acidity fetus is coming flexibility of the pelvic bone. Deulsurok age because the skin elasticity seems to fall well with the acidity does not open the entrance to the uterus in labor and delivery time is longer the greater the likelihood of a caesarean section at the end of dystocia. For this reason, the higher cesarean rates for older mothers This does not take for granted would say! If prepared in advance may be enough natural childbirth. Moderate exercise and gymnastics during pregnancy is made more flexible to give the muscles and joints needed to ease the pain of childbirth labor prevents swelling to occur during pregnancy.

4. Eat folic acid - Healthy Figures-
Neural tube defects are anomalies that are experiencing spine or brain of a fetus is abnormally formed. Anencephaly, spina bifida, encephalocele in severe cases belong here or died shortly after birth Beware do not be normal development. Folic acid helps to prevent neural tube defects. Here is the best 'healthy food' for mothers to act to reduce the growth retardation of premature birth or low birth weight, fetal. It is recommended that folic acid intake before pregnancy up to 12 weeks recommended daily intake of 0.4mg. Check to see if the dose is 1mg eat or reclining in half. However, if a pregnant mother of twins will be consumed per day 1mg! Folate-rich foods include green vegetables, kidney beans and peas, fruits such as spinach and kale, broccoli, kiwi and strawberries are ensuite, tangerine and fish.

5 Do not be afraid amniocentesis  Healthy Figures
In the case of older mothers sometimes even recommend amniocentesis test result of birth defects mid-pregnancy is normal. In fact, even though the defects are due to the risk Quad test results came out normal. If you want to know exactly whether the chromosomal abnormalities that amniocentesis is the answer. But in the aftermath of abortion is 1/200 when amniocentesis, there is no problem if you receive a wealth of experience in the inspection specialist. Rest assured that the inspection time is short eopeuni little pain. Leeds gwonsoyoung  a positive test was amazed by the surprisingly simple test."

6 Dental care trimester 2
Dental disease is there are hundreds of cases of disease due to maternal bacteria is likely to cause disease than normal immune state called away. Upon receiving before pregnancy might be part of the problem it is pre-treated.   Healthy Figures Dentists should urge yen namgyeongsu director said, "If you leave your mouth disease, the pain is getting worse, where the stress experienced by mothers is passed intact to the fetus." The fact that there is much greater potential for research into preterm labor and premature birth due to gum disease. The distance between the teeth and gums throbbing First, let's check if you see signs that even if the state dental care to find gynecology specialist.
7 For cervical cancer vaccination
The good news is that cervical cancer vaccination valid dwaetdaneun age extended to 45 years. To prevent cervical cancer that threatens women in three doses, so get ready in advance of pregnancy. Once once after two months from the date of vaccination, once again after six months, so a total of three times correct end!

8 lay movement that pihaja
Exercise to lay the pregnancy after three months should be avoided. Lying posture is heavy uterus is pressing the aorta because it interferes with blood circulation can cause severe dizziness. Instead, lay movements, it is wise to replace a light walk. Good trails than my treadmill fitness center and adjust the intensity enough not to have injuries to your knees. Stretching before and after exercise because of physical strength is weak compared to the 20 required!  Healthy Figures

9 woods guidance that one with nature  Healthy Figures
Would not it be nice if you are drinking clean air to breathe even with the child in the womb greenery just feel-good? If the forest is possible prenatal program. The Forest Service has conducted a forest prenatal care programs for 300 pairs 24-34 weeks pregnant couple in national and public recreational forest from April to October. Participation fee is ₩ 125,000 per person. Do you provide the correct guidance from a wide range of information needed for postpartum maternal click if you're interested!

10 Let pregnancy diet  Healthy Figures
Pregnancy does not have to have been married for over a year, it is increasingly infertile couples to worry. In this case, let's determine the weight of each other. Obesity is one of the causes of infertility, regardless of gender. Neulmyeon excess body fat hormone secreted by menstrual irregularity and ovarian dysfunction, lead to increased risk of ovaria
n cysts and endometriosis and breast cancer. Men too. If the fat balance of s-e-x hormones at the same time when severe cracks and reduces the number of sperm produces mujeongjajeung, erectile dysfunction. The 365mc obesity clinic gimhajin Senior Director warned "not about age, it is difficult to respond to batdeorado jjimyeon infertility treatment and IVF success rate significantly lower than normal." Therefore, to maintain a normal weight for both men and women the first step for a successful pregnancy count!

11 and mind to UV
There is a well-known estrogen hormone secretion is most active during pregnancy, which makes a random spots on the skin by stimulating the melanocytes. Signs called 'mask of pregnancy' do of course already looking to deepen concentration of dark spots use a high SPF sunscreen than usual is required! Recently released so sunscreen is equipped with Compensation skin balrado only represent the foundation more effective, add to the shopping list. Under the   it will reference the six sunscreen is recommended.

(From left) 'UV Expert GN- Shield TM SPF BB base. Add functionality without foundation BB Cream can produce an even skin tone. Lancome. Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer ", and tinted moisturizer containing SPF. Kiel .'SPF 50 UV Protective Face Base. Immediately penetrate sunscreen on the skin. Moisturizing UV Protection. Multi sunscreen that obscured the wide pores and redness. Dior. "Essang CL White Whitening Modeling Base SPF 30 / PA  '. President sunscreen makeup base that will brighten dull skin to produce a tone. Chanel. "Re-Nutriv Radiant UV Base SPF 50 / PA +  Life - Renewing the TM molecule to minimize skin damage from UV rays. Estee Lauder.

Let 12 Vitamin A far
Be careful eating topical vitamin A during pregnancy. Towing Dermatology gimyujin Director "aging improving the well-known retinoid as an ingredient that many people do not know that vitamin A chemical name," he worried,  so as to report that caused the birth defects caused" he says. During pregnancy it is recommended to focus on water management than using anti aging skin care Functional Cosmetics.

13 cold shower after a workout is NO!  Healthy Figures
Easily tired and sweaty, even light exercise, because over time the body becomes heavy and not easy to move. In this case there are reasons to get rid of a cold shower after a workout jjipjjipham sudden changes in temperature will bring attention to the contraction of the uterus, so the risk of preterm birth! The warm water of suitable temperature between 18 ~ 24 ° C, and similar.

14 prenatal examinations, so please prepare  Healthy Figures 
If you receive a pregnancy test in gynecology. It found the risk factors that may be harmful to the fetus and pregnant women through prenatal examination early, treatment is of course due to the ongoing management help a healthy baby. The thorough prenatal test is required because the anomalies found in newborns or minimize premature mortality. Check if a particular problem is not the mother early in pregnancy, the once every two weeks, once a month until seven months pregnant, 8-9 months, once every two weeks, visiting one hospital a week until the last months minutes Upon receiving. Each test to test the neckline, birth defects checking, precision ultrasound, diabetes tests, and then depending on the time of pregnancy will be fixed, so do not wait the appropriate time, depending on the number of months. Mothers will also fall flu vaccinations do not forget susceptible to flu.

Maternal care for 15 Clarins proposes 3  Healthy Figures
Cellulite as threatening   to circumvent. Let's see the step-by-step management professional brand Clarins Body Care suggests.
STEP 1 keratin Goodbye! The pregnancy has dried up a lot of dead skin cells on the skin and often itchy. Exfoliation is the answer when this happens.  the old keratin beads extracted from bamboo.
STEP 2 body oil massage skin elasticity has dropped sharply in the last six months of pregnancy about the medium-term. In this case,  lightly a circular motion to the right and then give fingertips to pinch the body helps to improve elasticity.
STEP 3 nears the button-year-old baby creams things getting worse edema lower body circulation is interrupted because the growing uterus occurs Everton years called "p , let's focus on the easy part. 'Stretch Mark Control' is so popular item referred to as' buy an eraser button!
Cervical health, you should check the menstrual cycle to manage properly

The uterus, which is closely related to pregnancy and childbirth
It is a very important organ.
But modern women enjoy wearing jjarm bottoms,
Lack of exercise, stress, excessive dieting, etc.
Becoming cervical health.
Shall we find out what laws for a healthy uterus?

Cervical Health 

① - please check carefully the menstrual cycle -

Menstruation (Menstrual) is the simplest indicator that shows the status of the uterus.

The menstrual cycle is not regular and detecting the color of blood

No lumps can be seen in a healthy state.

Menstrual pain is severe, or menstrual cycle is not constant, etc.

If the symptoms persist longer find gynecology, etc.

We recommend that you check the condition.

Cervical Health 

② - always warm your belly ~

The uterus must always be protected because of weak warm breath on the cold.

Avoid excessive exposure miniskirts and belly shirts, etc.

The cold should not sit there long.

So fit pants or underwear on the body the blood circulation in the pelvis and lower body

Avoid disturbing to the uterus so cool.

The hip bath is good to warm the uterus,

Then rinse with warm water about 40 degrees, the anus and perineum.

Health arch

 ③ - at least 30 minutes exercise a day to steady ~

If the excessive accumulation of fat hormone balance

The collapse uterine bleeding or amenorrhea may Recanati day.

Therefore or aerobic exercise such as jogging, prize,

It is recommended that the yoga and stretching to straighten the spine.

However, the diet is nutrient value or parent runs out

Because the hormonal balance down mubaeranjeung, infertility, etc.

You may receive.

Cervical Health 

④ - eat properly and keep the uterus healthy ~

I do a lot of people do not get the meals to the diet of women.
However, if you do not eat enough balanced nutrition in the womb
Did not supply an appropriate amount of time, it is important to eat three meals a day.
Bob japgokbap eat nutritious than white rice,
We recommend eating foods rather than fresh, seasonal food.
Chemical additives contained in processed foods that control women's reproductive and developmental
Such as interfering with the action of hormones to cervical disease, infertility, menstrual pain
Because it can cause problems.
Leek, which warms the uterus, it is helpful to eat the food of mugwort and garlic.

Guests should check the menstrual cycle tendeyo quite many rooms -
The first hard look at just continue wo constantly checked
It's off by itself iteusil habits are ~
My body could not take care myself or anyone.
Check if there are any changes, and also get to know
One of my own love equals method
exactly!! Try practicing

Healthy Figures

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